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in Media Relations and Administrative Support.

A Partnership You Can Count On
We provide our clients with a continuum of personalized service. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy and the measure of our success.


Our mission is straightforward. We use our professional insights, experience and expertise to help your agency identify and side-step communications pitfalls before they escalate out of control. And, we can help you streamline cumbersome, often inefficient internal policies and procedures that undercut the viability of your public safety mission.


At McGinness Solutions, our top priority is to ensure that our clients receive a continuum of superior, personalized service. This commitment to you is both the cornerstone of our philosophy and the measure of our success.

  • Media Relations

  • Internal Investigations

  • Conflict Mitigation

  • Media Relations

  • Administrative Support


McGinness Solutions Helps Them Succeed

Knowing how to handle media relations— and manage time-consuming administrative tasks—is often the key to success for public safety agencies. However, finding the right communications professionals who can help in these areas can be tough. Until now.

Serving public safety agencies in the Sacramento area and Northern California, McGinness Solutions provides experts who are experienced in helping local and regional agencies put their best foot forward.

Media Relations

Lapses in judgment occur and bad things do happen. Having an effective crisis communications plan backed up by hands-on training is not a luxury—it is as important as it gets. If you control the message, you stand a good chance of controlling the image that others have of your agency.

When your team knows how to handle media encounters before a crisis hits, you’ll have a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining your agency’s public image. We’ll help your tam develop the skills and confidence to cultivate media relations that stand up in times of crisis.

At McGinness Solutions, we’ll also help you navigate challenging emergent media scenarios, even if it’s simply affirming your game plan. Our breadth of experience and an independent perspective can help you craft a response that cuts through the chatter and mitigates adverse repercussions.


Administrative Support to Protect Your Interests

Administrative oversight of a public safety agency can be complex. When fact-finding or audits, or an independent review of critical procedures, such as recruitment, retention or deployment of resources will help you reach your goals, we will guide you through an objective assessment that gets to the heart of the matter.

Our goal is help you optimize your services through peak efficiency and accountability. An independent review tailored to your objectives can serve to buffer the competing influences that sometimes stand in your way.

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