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Media Relations and Crisis Communications

We Help You Set the Stage for Success

When it comes to managing an organization or business, handling a crisis is inevitable. Unfortunately, even the best people will have lapses in judgment and bad things do happen. When this occurs, interest in your enterprise from the media tends to peak. This situation requires that you try to correct the cause of the crisis–and mitigate collateral damage to both individuals and your enterprise–as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Having An Effective Crisis Communications Plan is Critical to Your Success

If you control the message, you stand a good change of controlling the image that others have of your business or organization. This is especially true in times of crisis or under circumstances of chronic stress. At McGinness Solutions, we can help you better engage with both internal and external media by providing professional services including:

Our guiding philosophy is that media relations anchored in goodwill and reciprocity of trust will withstand the storms of crisis- it's about the journey, not the destination. Foster ties that enhance your credibility before a crisis hits.

Skill Development

Your agency’s public image depends on you. Secure it by partnering with McGinness Solutions.

If you lead a public safety organization, you need to ensure that your media relations policies are in place to handle any situation. At McGuiness Solutions, we are experienced in helping organizations communicate effectively with the media in a variety of situations including:

  • High visibility criminal or negligent conduct by employee

  • Emergent scenarios

  • Goodwill ventures

Get hands-on training to enhance your media readiness.

Learn how to establish a well-crafted crisis communications plan that works for your agency.

Policy & Procedure Development

Get guidance on handling interviews, press releases, conferences and more.


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