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Administrative Support

Choose the Approach That's Right For You

Today’s public safety agencies encompass a diverse spectrum of regulatory oversight and community-based services. Resources are precious, and staying mission-driven has never been more important. At McGuinness Solutions, our professionals help you select and administer strategies that meet your needs when internal conflict or unproductive policy / procedures threaten peak efficiency.

Our guiding philosophy is that dispute resolution which rests on the principles of self determinism and preserving credibility reaffirms the importance to these tenets to the mission and culture of your enterprise.

Audits & Inspections

We Advise You Throughout the Process.

We’ll help you to strengthen internal operations and when necessary unwind conflict so that your resources stay committed to the mission, vision and core values of your agency, free from collateral and sometimes costly influences.

Today's Needs and Tomorrow's Challenges.

Measuring the effectiveness of your agency in meeting the best interest of the community it serves will remain a work-in-progress. One way to advance this goal is to examine best practices. Our McGuinness Solutions experts can help you do just that ‐ we will work with your team to design programs built around quantifiable outcomes that go to the core of your mission.​

Shared expectations and accountability are central to a viable audits and inspections program. We will help your team build a program that gets results.

Policies that provide clear, useful guidance and instruction benefit everyone. Our independent assessment begins with this end-in-mind.

Policy Review

Recruitment, retention and optimum deployment of resources in concert with the right mix of force-multipliers tailored to your mission are critical. We help you get there.

Organizational Readiness

From fact finding to conciliation, mediation or facilitation, chances are we can guide you through a remedial process tailored to reach your objective.

Conflict Mitigation

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