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Conflict Mitigation Seminar

Our guiding philosophy is that dispute resolution which rests on the principles of self determinism and preserving credibility reaffirms the importance to these tenets to the mission and culture of your enterprise.

Best Practices for Resolving Problems with Integrity


Our Conflict Mitigation Seminar helps you gain the skills needed to side-step the needless waste of energy spent on unresolved conflicts–a smart investment for today’s budget-conscious public safety agencies. 

You will learn how to use the principles of self-determinism and integrity of character to form a strong foundation for resolving conflict. And in turn, strengthen the mission and culture of your agency.

Applying good judgment and common sense within a prescribed problem-solving framework can help resolve conflicts earlier. To help you reach a timely outcome, we’ll show how your public safety agency can achieve its resolution goals in this informative seminar.

You'll learn how to:

  • Assess the nature of a dispute and evaluate prior remedial measures

  • Choose an approach that best fits the situation 

  • Engage in problem-solving dialogue

  • Facilitate resolution quickly and effectively

  • Use Shuttle diplomacy

  • Build rapport and trust through impartial active listening


You will also take part in scenario-based interactive training.

This valuable training provides your team a hands-on opportunity to apply what they’ve learned to "real-time" situations they will likely encounter.

By the end of this engaging seminar, your team members will have their own "how-to" portfolio. They’ll have the valuable knowledge and confidence to handle many situations involving conflict mitigation, plus be more equipped to mitigate adverse outcomes for you and your agency.

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