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Internal Investigations Seminar

Our guiding philosophy is that internal investigations must reflect fairness and objectivity in order to strengthen the mission and core values of your enterprise.

Fair and Balanced Investigations Benefit Everyone


In McGuiness Solutions Internal Investigations Seminar, you will learn the keys to conducting internal investigations that stand up to scrutiny. We’ll help you build a foundation that focuses on fairness and objectivity when conducting internal investigations–which will in turn help strengthen the core values of your enterprise.

The investigator's role takes center stage.

You will learn how to collect and assemble evidence to ascertain what actually happened, and report the findings in an impartial manner.

Find out how to:

  • Follow a structured, yet flexible approach

  • Maintain case integrity

  • Ensure that due process requirements are met

  • Use an investigative template to capture three types of evidence: physical, corroborative and circumstantial

  • Complete a timely, thorough and well–documented investigation.

Discover the key procedures that ensure an effective investigation.

You’ll learn the same procedures skilled investigators use. We’ll show you how to conduct interviews that focus the purpose and scope of the investigation, establish a sense of direction, and stay on course.

Plus, you’ll see how interviews follow a logical and chronological framework. We’ll focus first on undisputed facts, and then progress to probative, controversial, and/or confrontational questioning.

We’ll discuss how to create an interview checklist–and give you a solid understanding on when to ask open questions, closed questions, and leading questions.

Scenario‐based interactive exercises prepare you for success.

You’ll get the opportunity to practice your new skills in role-playing exercises designed to hone your decision making process. You and your team will learn how to navigate their way through an internal investigation and when to ask for assistance.

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