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Media Relations Seminar

Our guiding philosophy is that media relations anchored in goodwill and reciprocity of trust will withstand the storms of crisis–it's about the journey, not the destination.

Controlling a Crisis With Confidence


In the McGuiness Solutions Media Relations Seminar, you will learn proven techniques used to help control the message. When you can successfully control the message, you stand a better chance of controlling the image that others have of your business or organization.

Whether it’s a private business or a government organization, sometimes good people have lapses in judgment, and bad things do happen. Media relations that are anchored in goodwill and reciprocity of trust will withstand the storms of crisis. We’ll show you how to build this foundation, then illustrate key examples using your agency as the backdrop.

Learn why it's important to:

  • Market good news, which can be as important as mitigating bad news

  • Establish good rapport and an element of trust–before a crisis hits 

  • Assess where your enterprise may be vulnerable to "bad press", –and how to put together contingency plans and responsive strategies

  • Develop ways to strengthen your media relations–and how you can unnecessarily complicate them


Identify the elements to success in virtually all media encounters.

We’ll share with you the key techniques for staying in control and achieving your purpose.

Take part in scenario-based interactive training.

This valuable training gives your staff the opportunity to apply what they have learned. As a result, they gain a solid frame of reference and an added measure of confidence when representing your enterprise to the media.

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